7 amazing locations for engagement photos near Salem, Oregon

April 19, 2023

You’re engaged! Congratulations!

Now you’re probably getting excited about taking engagement photos but most recently engaged couples aren’t sure what locations would be good that would both reflect who you are as a couple and give you the images you’ve been dreaming of.

That’s why I put together this list of some amazing Oregon Engagement photo locations all within 30 minutes of Salem that show off the natural beauty of the area and will let you and your fiancé have a romantic and beautiful evening.

3 quick Tips for your engagement photos:

1. Trust your Photographer.

If you hire a photographer that has lots of experience, they’ll likely be able recommend some great options. They should listen to your ideas and help you figure out what sort of style or look you are wanting for your engagement photos to find a spot that makes sense for you and your fiancé. The location should suit your personalities and interests.

2. Choose a place with special meaning to you.

If your relationship started at an ice cream shop or you always went for walks together in a certain park, let your photographer know. Something that makes engagement photos so cool is that you can document these special places that helped you fall in love and the photos will be even more meaningful to you and help tell your love story.

3. What to wear? Think Comfortable and Confident.

Choosing what to wear for your session can be stressful, I always advice my couples to pick clothes that they feel comfortable and confident in. Rather than a brand new dress you’ve never worn or stuffy clothes that don’t fit your vibe, choose something that you can move in, feel like you can rock and is true to your style and personality. Your photos should be honest representations of you, it doesn’t need to be a fashion show. And you don’t have to be matching, you’re both unique individuals, feel free to show that with fun accessories, and pieces that add interest and spark.

Here are SEVEN of my favorite Oregon Engagement Photo Locations:

Baskett Slough Wildlife Refuge, Salem, Oregon

Baskett Slough is one of my favorite spots to take couples who want beautiful sweeping views, epic sunsets and long wind blown grassy fields. It’s only a short drive out west on Hwy 22 and a beautiful hiking trail will take you through the forest and up to a beautiful look out. You’ll want to wear comfortable shoes since there is a bit of hiking involved but it’s well worth the views. This is certainly one of my favorite Oregon engagement photo locations.

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Bush Pasture Park, Salem, Oregon

This beautiful park is right in the city and has lots of variety from tall trees and forested areas, a cool old house, a green house and rose gardens. Different times of the year will look very different from rich fall colors in the autumn to bright blooming flowers in the spring, it’s a lovely park to explore together. Easy to access as well as paved paths throughout.

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Silver Falls State Park, Silverton, Oregon

If you want waterfalls in your engagement photos, you can’t beat Silver Falls State Park. Lots of hiking required though so be prepared to break a sweat exploring this enormous park.

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Willamette University Campus, Salem, Oregon

If you want interesting architecture and an East Coast feel to your engagement photos, the campus of Willamette University has a ton of unique buildings and gardens. Be sure to check the school calendar though since there are often events going on at the campus and it can be crowded if you’re there at the wrong time.

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Downtown Salem, Oregon

This couple asked for fall colors and we didn’t have to go far to find them. Right downtown, near the State Capital we found a park bursting with rich autumn leaves.

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Champoeg State Park, Newberg, OR

If you’re looking for a rustic spot for your engagement photos, Champoeg State Park will deliver. With a cool old barn, orchard and rustic fences as well as huge fields and woods to explore, this park has plenty to offer. There’s also access to the Willamette River and a dock to add some sweet water photos as well.

Willamette Mission State Park, Salem, Oregon

Another beautiful and vast state park with lots of variety only about 20 minute drive north of Salem. The filbert orchard trees give a lovely backdrop and lovely leading lines. And depending on how muddy you want to get, you can access the river as well!  


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