Wedding Dress Shopping? 3 Local, Women-Owned Bridal Shops in Salem, Oregon

June 7, 2023

Let me introduce you to three of the coolest ladies rocking the wedding dress scene! Each of these bridal shops in Salem, Oregon brings a unique experience. They all aim to help local couples find exactly the right wedding attire through three very different ways!

I went and visited each of these three bridal shops and took photos to create a recourse for local couples planning their weddings. I was able to speak with the owners and managers to hear how they uniquely serve their clients.

Vouture Designer Bridal Boutique

Did you know you can have a completely custom dress made for you right here in downtown Salem? And did you know it might actually cost less than buying a new dress?

Vien To is the owner and designer at Vouture Designer Boutique and has been creating one of a kind wedding dresses for clients for over 15 years. She went to school for fashion design while working at Nordstrom doing alterations. Her darling shop is full of dresses she designed that are for sale. Any dress can be changed and swapped around and redesigned. She can also create a dress just from what you’re dreaming up, a completely custom design.

Her wedding gown designs have a modern twist on a classic look and range in price from $1,100 to $2,300 depending on customizations and materials involved. Most designs can be made in 3-6 months from concept to complete delivery.

What is a common misconception Brides have?

Most people presume to have a custom designer dress made specifically for them will cost much more than buying a dress already made. But because the dress is made specifically to your measurements there no additional cost for alterations. Often times, you can have a custom dress for the same price or less!

Vien told me sometimes clients are worried when they are ordering a custom designed dress that it might be completed and look different than what they visualized but that they should trust that she has the experience to create and execute their vision.

How to make an appointment:

Call 503-551-0277 or email tovienid@yahoo.com

The Bridal Gallery

The Bridal Gallery is a completely full service Bridal Shop in Salem. They have a huge selection of gowns(which you can see on their Pinterest page) ranging from size 4-42 with a price range of $199-$2,700. Their experienced stylists will walk you through the entire process assisting you in all your choices.

Owned by Angie since 2007, The Bridal Gallery serves their clients from start to finish, having everything they need all in one spot. They offer in-house alterations, and gown preservation services. They carry Mother of the Bride/Groom dresses as well as bridesmaids and a full menswear shop. Tuxes on Tap offers rentals or purchasing as well as a private group appointment where they serve beer and snacks.

What is a common misconception Brides have?

Brides often are worried they’ll be too big to find a wedding dress or they aren’t the type of person that dresses up normally. But you don’t need to alter yourself to fit into the dress, but the dress can be altered to fit you.

How to make an appointment?

They encourage you to make a 2 hour appointment by either calling (503) 363-2161 or booking one online: https://bridalgallerysalem.com/schedule-an-appointment/

They also offer private appointments for larger groups as well.

The Chic Bride

Kara owns The Chic Bride, which is one of the only local Bridal Consignment Shops in the area. They offer appointments or walk-ins to shop their selection of new, used and sample dresses as well as accessories, jewelry and even shoes.

Consignment is a great way to reduce, reuse, recycle as well as stay within a budget. They also offer alterations so that if you find a dress you love, they can make it work for you.

What is a common misconception Brides have?

Brides often expect to be pressured or sold to, but this shop gives them a lot of freedom of choice and a low pressure, stress free experience.

How to make an appointment?

You can call at 503-304-7030 or book your appointment online at: https://tscbride.com/

When you’re on the hunt for wedding attire, be sure to shop local and check out these Bridal Shops in Salem!


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