Mindy and Gerry | Reed Opera House Wedding |Salem, Oregon Wedding Photographer

August 17, 2017


Mindy and Gerry filled the Reed Opera House with balloons and hung photographs from each string so they would be floating through their memories at their wedding. It was amazing and such a cool way to honor the paths that had brought them to that day and all the supportive friends, adventures and stories they’d collected along the way. They wanted to celebrate all of that while they committed to each other and the next adventure. A few of my favorite moments were when Mindy’s 6 year old son saw her for the first time in her dress and declared loudly “Mom! You look gorgeous!” and when Mindy was trying to put Gerry’s ring on his finger during the ceremony but it wasn’t fitting so she licked his finger so it would slide on better! And of course during the reception when Mindy and Gerry gave toast in the style of “Thank You” notes from The Tonight Show complete with the “thank you note writing music”.  Clients like this make my job so incredibly rewarding. 



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