Shirine and Kevin’s Wedding | Silver Falls State Park | Oregon Wedding Photographer

January 25, 2017

Shirine and Kevin are the best there is. That’s it. I can quit now. Cause really there will never be a cooler(ha ha pun intended) wedding. There will never be a more fun, adventurous and amazing couple. I dare you to find me one. 🙂 j/k I love all my couples. All couples matter. OMG did I just say that… wow, I’ve been spending too much time reading political posts on facebook, clearly.

No, but really, Shirine and Kevin’s wedding day was magical. The snow storm rolled in that morning and coated everything with the prettiest of fluffy goodness and despite the roads being quite horrible to drive on, so much so that at one point Kevin had to take over for me and get us up a slippery hill on our way back from taking photos at the falls, despite all that, they were literally skipping through the snow, so excited and happy to be starting their life together as husband and wife. I met them at the New Ranch at Silver Falls State Park after my hour and a half (normally 20 minutes) white knuckled drive in the snow. They were ready and excited to take pictures and I was just elated that the snow had turned what is already a gorgeous location into an absolute dreamland. The flakes were ENORMOUS! We took photos around the North Falls area before heading back to the New Ranch where their friends and family were waiting cozily around a big fireplace. They had a short and sweet ceremony with personalized vows they had written for each other. Immediately after their vows, we popped outside and Shirine grabbed a sled and pulled Kevin on and said “Let’s go!” and they rode down the hill together, not  2 minutes after saying I do! How fun are they?? 

After the ceremony everyone was camping out there at the Ranch so it was so relaxed with kids playing games, nerf gun battles, snacks and music. And outside the snow kept right on falling and we didn’t mind one bit.  I made my drive home carefully and will be wishing for a snow storm to roll in on every wedding day from now on! 




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