Free Wedding Day Timeline Examples

September 29, 2023

When it’s time to start putting together your Wedding Day Timeline, it can be hard to know how much time you’ll need for each part of the day. You want to make sure your day runs smoothly and that the things that matter most to you are given priority.

These three free wedding day timeline examples can help you visualize what your day could look like. I hope this can help you decide how you want your day to be structured and how to decide which photography collection might be best for you.

You’ll want to decide if you are going to see each other before the ceremony or not. Doing a first look can significantly change the schedule for the wedding day so be sure to consider carefully how you’d like the day to go.

Wedding Day Timeline for 8 hours of photography coverage

Be sure to look up what time sunsets on your wedding day in your location. Here’s a great recourse to check your date: Sunrise Sunset

Wedding Day Timeline for 10 hours of photography coverage

For more tips on creating your wedding day timeline check out this blog post: Tips for planning your Wedding Day Timeline

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  1. Stephanie Harms

    I’m very interested in your 6 hour or 8 hour session without first look for my wedding. would you be available August 17, 2024? I will have roughly 150 people


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